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  • How do I become a Citizen?
    You will already have signed the City of Boomtown Declaration (available here). Once you've accepted Boomtown's rules and signed the declaration, you are a citizen! However, you're the lowest of the low - a CITIZEN - sure, you can engage with stuff and get involved, but you can't do fancy things like voting, exploring the deeper realms of ancient Boomtown or having access to the Boomtown Mall. To rank up, you'll need to be active within Boomtown - when you get noticed by a Councillor or other high-ranking individual, they can put you forward for promotion.
  • What is Boomtown?
    Boomtown is an ancient city that miraculously vanished from its foundations many aeons ago. Somehow, the magical city managed to transcend into the interwebs, becoming a virtual space - a place for know-allers and scallywags alike, where everyone is equal until they're not. Citizens of Boomtown can share, create, deliberate and interact, but for what? Well, that is up to the Mayor! Boomtown (the link in the menu) contains a summary of the history of each district; as Citizens contribute to Boomtown's Districts, the districts evolve and so too does the history of the City. Make a contribution and see what happens!
  • What is City Hall?
    City Hall is the place to be for voicing opinions, sharing information and starting revolutions. The Mayor and other high-ranking officials will have access to private areas of City Hall, like Parliament for example.
  • Hail? What is this, "hail?""
    Ah-hah! A hail, good person, is an action taken upon a citizen's citizenship by another citizen. We have to bear in mind that one's citizenship is dictated by the actions that citizen takes within the walls of Boomtown, and that those actions are overseen, judged and acted upon by Boomtown's Overlords, the city Mayor AND ALL THE OTHER CITIZENS. The hails listed below aren't the only ones out there... as Boomtown grows, the Citizens themselves may even declare their own set of recognised hails, so be aware of that and check-in regularly at City Hall to make sure you're up to date. As a citizen, it is your duty to know of your citizenship. RECEIVING HAILS: Citizens shall be hailed when; Other citizens "like" their City Hall posts or their comments on City Hall posts; Other citizens "comment" on their posts or existing comments; 25 citizens "follow" them (and then again for each lot of 25 thereafter); They create posts in the form of Discussions within the rooms of City Hall or Contributions within the individual districts of Boomtown and; They engage frequently with other citizens and what those citizens do within Boomtown. Some hails are archived within the walls of Boomtown by the power of electro magnets. You can actually see them in the form of binary digits in your profile and notifications pages (the numbers of likes and comments you receive on your content). Other hails are recorded behind the scenes, by the higher powers that be. When no Mayor has been elected, the Boomtown Overlords keep these records. BESTOWING HAILS: Essentially the opposite to receiving hails, citizens bestow hails unto others when they; "Like" City Hall posts or City Hall comments made by other citizens; "Comment" on City Hall posts or City Hall comments made by other citizens or; Become one of 25 citizens to "follow" another.
  • How do I explore Boomtown?
    When Boomtown loads on your compu-gadget, you'll see the area of Boomtown you're in (pretty picture of a weird place). At the bottom of the screen, you'll see a Navigation Bar. Look around the area - does anything look out of place, or worth investigating? Click it. Nothing happened? Probably nothing there. If that keeps happening, move on to the next area. Use the navigation bar's arrows (left and right) to move between different areas of Boomtown. If you have enough, click "leave". Bear in mind, you can't save your progress (other than if you cheat - you basturds), and Boomtown is always growing... so be sure to check each area carefully before moving on! Give it a go!
  • Contributions!?
    Contributions are what makes Boomtown, Boomtown. Any citizen can make a contribution to any district, after which it becomes etched into the very fabric that is Boomtown - available for all Citizens to see. If you feel that a district could do with your input, get a picture, write something up and share it. Some districts' contriutions are anonymous, others not - so be careful what you say! Have a go - take a stroll through Boomtown.
  • How do I rank up or earn "badges"?"
    Firstly, to make yourself known, you should always introduce yourself in City Hall. use the New Comers area and start a discussion about yourself - egotistic maybe, but its for the interest of the other Citizens. Once you've introduced yourself, other Citizens will interact with your intro and anything else you share within City Hall or the Streets of Boomtown. The easiest way to gain promotions is by gaining followers - so make sure you have ask your fellow citizens to boost your chances by following your Boomtown activity! For the Boomtown's full Social Order, click here. As the finalised list of Boomtown ranks becomes available, we'll let you know here and through the City Hall! Check back regularly for updates.
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