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In order to be eligible for the great honour of full Citizenship the following rules must be agreed upon and adhered to.

Failure to comply at any time may lead to a Court of Honour being summoned whose ultimate sanction can be a lifetime's banishment. 

Or what some consider worse; an online mob of righteous Citizens all going “Boo” VERY loudly!

  1. Anyone is eligible for citizenship;

  2. All citizens must prove their loyalty to the city and their fellow citizens by increasing the city's population, supporting fellow citizens, contributing to Boomtown and exploring its streets for glorious (and not so glorious) rewards!

  3. Citizens must strive for success. Where such success is tied to Boomtown and/or the growth of the city, rewards and promotions shall be bestowed by higher ranking Citizens and/or the Boomtown Overlords (where such citizens are yet to be appointed or have become officially unavailable). Please refer to Boomtown's FAQ for further details on promotions and rankings;

  4. All Citizens are eligible for nominating and voting in the election of a Boomtown Mayor. Elections are held at specified times of the Boomtown year. Please refer to the City Hall Noticeboard for updates;

  5. Only City Councillors are eligible for being nominated in the election of a Boomtown Mayor;

  6. The Boomtown Mayor will hold office for no more than 6 months at any one time, but is not prevented from standing again for a further period of 6 months if no proceeding nominee is elected, no election is held or the majority of citizens demand an additional term of the mayor. Such a demand is only available to the Citizens once in a Mayor's time in office;

  7. Boomtown is like all cities, divided into Districts;

  8. All Councillors are responsible for the citizens in their individual Districts;

  9. The Citizen not only recruits and populates Boomtown but ensures the smooth running of the city by their continuous active on and off-line engagement with their fellow citizens;

  10. It is the Citizens who maintain order and civic pride. It is they who ensure the proper conduct of Boomtown and its inhabitants. It is ultimately they who maintain the law, the peace and the order; 

  11. It is only through the constant conversation between the Citizen and Boomtowns higher ranks that the city will grow whilst maintaining the integrity for which it is world renowned;

  12. The City Councillors will organise an on or off-line “meeting” once or twice annually. These meetings may be to discuss District or Borough business, put names forward for the Mayoralty, or perhaps simply a social get together in the form of a pint at the pub, a coffee in the café, a cup of tea at home, karaoke or bowling or a cards night [recommended]. These meetings are an essential part of the social function of Boomtown. An active Civil Society is an active, thriving City!;

  13. All citizens should endeavour to recruit at least one new citizen every six months - this will be reviewed by Boomtown's Overlords on a recurring basis;

  14. No citizen can betray the values of the city nor its civic virtues by engaging in racist or any other type of abusive comment or language across any of the City of Boomtown social platforms. Any deviation from this primary and cardinal rule will result in immediate irrevocable expulsion from the City;

  15. We are a City of Brotherhood, Sisterhood and Humanity. We are a City of Fun. We believe in Good Stuff. The City of Boomtown is a place of the mind whose concrete reality is the actual daily lives of its inhabitants made cyberreal and digitally true upon the streets and malls, boulevards and alleys, front lawns and backyards of our great town!;

  16. As a Citizen, I understand that I am obliged to attend a city concert performed by our civic orchestra The Boomtown Rats at least once a year, should such a concert be taking place at any venue within my national borders. Distance is no excuse as this is a fundamental obligation upon the Citizen;

  17. At such actual real-time events, I will be obliged to wear my City Garments with all attendant District, Borough or Rank badges and privileges on display;

  18. I understand that by having made this application to be a Citizen of Boomtown, my personal details will be kept and used to send me news, updates and any and all information necessary for the good runnings and order of the City Of Boomtown. Such information will not be passed on to any other organisation commercial, charitable or political.

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