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I swear that I will be a TRUE, LOYAL and FAITHFUL Citizen Of Boomtown.


And that I will faithfully and fully uphold all municipal bye-laws and statutes pertaining thereof.


I will hold dear the rules and institutions thereof and neither disgrace nor embarrass myself or my fellow citizens by any activities that may bring me or my fellows or the reputation of Boomtown into disrepute.


I will respect my civic leaders taking due note of the authority vested in our councillors and the most noble office of Mayor.


I will undertake my democratic obligations by being a full participant in civic life and attending the ballot and lending the privilege of my vote at each and every council meeting or council and mayoral election.


I will deem it a privilege to do all in my power to help build, bolster and grow our community from the mythic foundations of The City of Boomtown as originally laid down by The 6.


I will undertake as a primary principle of Citizenship a missionary zeal in identifying others in The Outside or The Elsewhere (sometimes referred to as The Other) who will find their place with us here in our one, true Home.


I do solemnly swear that no fellow Citizen will be hurt, abused, insulted or harmed in any way whether by thought, word or deed by me and I do also swear that any Citizen so injured will be defended by me against all harm or others wishing to impose such harm.


  • I will defend the defenceless and the innocent of Boomtown;

  • I will lift up the downtrodden of Boomtown;

  • I will feed the hungry of Boomtown;

  • I will give succour to the hurt and harmless homeless of Boomtown;

  • I will reach out to the poor and lonely of Boomtown;

  • I will guard the children and animals of Boomtown;

  • I will be indifferent to the ethnic, racial, religious and gender differences of my fellow Citizens;

  • And I will defend the right to those differences of and within Boomtown;


For it is in so swearing that together we lift our sights and our City to the great and glorious future that I now swear to as a truly justified and legally bound.



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